FDA Finds Serious Injury Risk Caused by Unintentional Injection of Fillers into Facial Blood Vessels

VeinViewer vein visualization aids clinicians in locating veins, helping them to comply with the recent FDA Safety Alert. 

The alert warns that serious injuries may occur due to unintentional injection of soft tissue filler into blood vessels in the face. There are approximately two million soft filler procedures performed annually in the U.S.

In this alert the FDA is recommending that clinicians make sure that they "are familiar with the anatomy at and around the site of injection, keeping in mind that blood vessel anatomy can vary among patients." To increase familiarity with the patient's facial vasculature, many aesthetic clinicians are incorporating vein visualization into their procedures.

The VeinViewer vein visualization device provides a roadmap of the vasculature (www.veinviewer.com.br) that would typically be unseen, allowing aestheticians to avoid veins entirely or work around them. The use of vein illumination can help physicians be more careful during injectable procedures and help them to more easily follow the FDA's newly suggested guidelines for administering fillers in the soft tissue of the face.

According to the Agency, "Rare but serious adverse events that are associated with intravascular injection of soft tissue filler material in the face include (acute or permanent) vision impairment, blindness, cerebral ischemia or cerebral hemorrhage, leading to stroke, skin necrosis, and damage to underlying facial structures."

Fonte: FDA

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